Developer Onboarding

Welcome to Otherboard

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! 🎉 This is the “trial project” portion of our engagement.

The hope for this part of our time together is that we’ll be able to take a week together that looks something like the following:

Each of the links above includes a variety of documentation, walkthrough videos, and expectations that we hope are clear – but we’re available anytime in Slack to clarify anything that seems unclear.

Our expectation and hope is that by the end of a week of working together, we’ve accomplished the following goals together (not necessarily in this order):

  1. You have a clear understanding of what exactly Otherboard is and how it should work from a business requirements perspective.
  2. You have a very good understanding of the existing codebase, established coding standards and patterns, and have a firm grasp of what has been completed already and what is left to be done.
  3. You have Otherboard set up for local development and have everything you need in order to push production-ready code.
  4. Having a clear understanding of the project requirements and codebase, you’ve identified some key functionality or granular piece of code that you can submit a pull request for. NOTE: This is an important part of the project – while we judge trial projects against several variables (like culture and personality fit, technical knowledge and expertise, etc.), the code submitted in this pull request is a key part of our decision to continue working together.
  5. With a good overall grasp of the project, the final portion of our trial period helps us understand your ability as a lead developer to develop and manage realistic timelines. The final task for the trial project is to take your understanding of what’s left to be done of the project and build a high-level timeline for how to get to launch. What this timeline looks like is entirely up to you – but our hope is that we can get a general sense of level of effort for the path to launch.

Ready to go? Let’s hit up Day One.